Our goals


As well as for the operational quality, in all these years we have distinguished ourselves for the steady and original contribution of ideas, food for thought and improvement proposals offered to our stakeholders. We have promoted surveys and researches that have studied different aspects of the WEEE management and communication campaigns to bring the Electrical and Electronic Waste issue to the attention of the decision makers and the citizens.

We believe that it is not enough “to work well"; it is important to contribute to the growth of a culture of the sustainability and to the development of a more conscious and accurate approach to the environmental issues.

Our commitment to an active contribution to the environmental protection also passes through the creation of events and awareness-raising campaigns carried out together with the main Environmental and Consumers Associations.


The communication campaigns

Dove li butto?

Awareness Campaign carried out in collaboration with the Unione Nazionale dei Consumatori (National Consumers Union), which has seen the drafting of an informational brochure called DOVE LI BUTTO? on the procedures for the proper WEEE disposal.

Rifiutopoli. Veleni e antidoti

A conference-show to tell the illegal waste cycle - the so-called eco-mafia waste traffic - but also the concrete and visible change that our daily gestures can generate. The show was written and played by the Cinemovel Foundation, with the sponsorship of Legambiente and the support of Ecodom and Unipolis.

With an original narrative mode, RIFIUTOPOLI. Veleni e antidoti brings to the stage a mix of words, sounds and images. The play texts written and narrated by Enrico Fontana blend with the colours spots that Vito Baroncini places on the board and overlaps with the video images. In a live performance, different artistic expressions and languages move in front of the audience. The narration flows on several levels, to tell the illegal waste cycle, an increasingly international crime traffic linked to the dynamics of the globalization, and its innocent victims.

L’era dei RAEE. 10 anni di Ecodom

A book by Marco Gisotti.

On the occasion of our first ten years of activity, we have decided to tell our story in a book - since the WEEE Consortia have become operational until today.

Ten years of evolution and experiences, which we have gone through not only as the largest Consortium in Italy for volumes treated but also as the precursors of a new way of managing waste, attentive both to the environmental protection and the economic efficiency. A tell about the waste situation in Italy; a reportage among the key players who represented a turning point in the waste management and in particular of the WEEE. An analysis of the past and a reflection on the present and the future goals.

From a WEEE Management Consortium to a key player in the development of the Circular Economy.

Storie di Economia Circolare

A Web Atlas that records and tells the experiences of the Circular Economy in our Country and an annual prize competition for video-makers, photographers, journalists and writers. This is Storie di Economia Circolare Project, addressed to citizens and information experts, promoted by Ecodom in partnership with subjects involved in various ways in the Circular Economy promotion. The goal of this initiative is to stimulate the awareness on the negative consequences of the current environmental crisis and the urgency of orienting the production and the consumption towards the Sustainability. The Project has therefore seen the creation of an Italian Atlas on the Circular Economy: a geo-referenced web platform with free and easy-to-use consultation, which collects the experiences of the economic subjects committed to applying the principles of the Circular Economy in Italy. The Atlas sheets, containing the most important information on the mapped organizations, have been edited by the CDCA team (Centro di documentazione sui Conflitti Ambientali - Environmental Conflicts Documentation Center), under the supervision of a Scientific Committee composed of experts from various research Institutes.

The mapping work, carried out throughout 2018, allowed us to discover a virtuous Country, careful to waste reduction and recycling and working in accordance to the principles of Sustainability.

In addition to the Web Atlas, we a find Storie di Economia Circolare Contest: a prize competition in order to develop a new awareness on the sustainability issues among the communication experts (journalists, video makers, writers, photographers). The Event has an annual frequency and provides for a competition among four categories of cultural products, declined in four different expressive forms: video, photography, radio and writing. The winners were chosen through an online vote and a vote of a quality technical jury. 
In 2018, 118 works were presented, conveying a key message through accessible and innovative languages: the environmental protection must start from all of us and from the choices we make every day. 

The Contest is sponsored by the MATTM - il Ministero dell’Ambiente e della tutela del Territorio e del Mare (the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea) and by the Journalists Association.

In 2019, in March, the second edition was launched, in which the "graphic novel" category was also included.

In addition to Ecodom and CDCA as promoters, the Project Partners are: Poliedra, A Sud, Fondazione Ecosistemi, Banca Popolare Etica and ZONA.

Gli italiani e i RAEE: “Mille prove di Uno contro Zero”

The One to Zero Decree which regulates the small WEEE collection is unfortunately not very well known by the citizens: in practice, it is the possibility of conferring small WEEE (under 25 cm) at large EEE stores (with a sales area exceeding 400 m2), which must collect them free of charge even if you do not purchase anything in return. A rarely promoted right that many people do not know. For this reason, we have realized "Mille prove di uno contro zero", in collaboration with the Web Community FriendZ, which carried out a survey among its members and sent its "Z Agents" to the stores to try to deliver a small WEEE using the provisions of the law: a very vast research, which involved almost 10,000 users who have dismissed 1,203 small electrical and electronic devices.

The initiative has been divided in three phases: in the first one, the Decree knowledge level was tested, therefore, in the second phase, the users have been invited to test the service and, finally, in the third phase, an evaluation on the service has been required, both to those who tried it for the first time on this occasion, and to those who had already tried it in the past.

Several critical issues have been noticed. First of all, the above mentioned lack of information, even because the service has not been very well promoted (in 57% of cases it was reported the absence of specific information signs at the sale points); then, the demand at some shops to buy a new piece of equipment in exchange for the disused WEEE. Finally, in some cases, the impossibility to use the service because the shops didn’t feel compelled to provide it or because the bins for the WEEE collection were missing.

I Temp(l)i cambiano

An artwork created for us by the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto.

The Project was born in 2009 from the encounters of two aspirations: our aspiration to make known the WEEE and opportunities related to the recycling outside the traditional contexts and that of the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto and the Cittadellarte Foundation of Biella to promote the "Third Paradise" as a new idea and a new horizon for the contemporary art and the civil society.

The sculpture created by Maestro Pistoletto is the perfect material synthesis of our activities: collecting the electrical and electronic waste, increasing the recovery of the Raw Materials to be reintegrated into the production cycle and avoiding the dispersion of substances harmful to the environment.

The work represents a Temple: the colonnade is made with the washing machines steel drums placed one on top of the other and the tympanum is made with coils of disused fridges. The sculpture, positioned on a swinging base, represents the transition from the era of progress to the era of recycling.

The artwork is now put inside the Bollate Prison, with which we are collaborating in the launch of a new WEEE treatment laboratory. 
In fact, since 2009, through the creation of two laboratories in the Prisons of Bologna and Ferrara, we have been collaborating on the "RAEE in carcere (WEEE in prison)” Project, which aims to promote the prisoners’ socio-occupational inclusion by integrating them into a professionalizing process and encouraging their re-integration into the social life and the legality.

I Comuni Ricicloni

The Legambiente Comuni Ricicloni initiative, established in 1994, is now a consolidated annual meeting, to which an increasing number of Municipalities are joining, which see this initiative as an important communication opportunity of the efforts achieved to start and strengthen the separate waste collection, and more generally, an integrated waste management system.

As part of this Project, in 2018, we rewarded four Municipalities belonging to the areas affected by the 2016 earthquake, for being able to improve the WEEE collection results compared to those of the previous years despite the critical conditions such as those generated by the earthquake.

The winning Municipalities were: Comunanza, Montorio al Vomano, Cerreto di Spoleto and Rieti.

The Municipality of Comunanza, in the Province of Ascoli Piceno, was the most virtuous Municipality in the Marche Region with a collection of 8,600 kg of WEEE in 2017, twice the amount of WEEE collected in 2015; the Municipality of Montorio al Vomano, in the Province of Teramo, collected 17,400 kg of WEEE in 2017, an increase of 64% compared to that in 2015; The Municipality of Cerreto di Spoleto, in the Province of Perugia, collected 2,980 kg of WEEE, with an increase of 25% compared to that of the year before the earthquake and finally Rieti, the most virtuous Municipality in the Lazio Region, which recorded 88,230 kg of WEEE collected in 2017, with a variation of + 8% compared to that in 2015.

The representatives of the four Municipalities were rewarded in Rome on June 27, 2018: in addition to the Certificate of Recognition, we donated a TV monitor for the local initiatives.