C-SERVEES - Activating Circular Services
in the Electric and Electronic Sector

Circular products and services thanks to the Industry 4.0

Project duration: 2018 - 2022

With the aim of guaranteeing a more efficient use of resources in the future, the C-SERVEES Project is committed to promoting the adoption of circular business models in the Electrical and Electronic Equipment world. During the Project, in fact, we focused on the eco-leasing, the product customization, the WEEE management optimization, the management and use of ICT technologies in order to support the eco-services implementation from the Industry 4.0 perspective. Four types of commonly used products are identified: large household appliances, IT equipment, telecommunications devices and consumer equipments.

We participate in collecting the information on the feasibility of the proposed innovations, through the involvement of the relevant stakeholders in the EEE and WEEE sector. Our role also includes the drafting of guidelines that include policy recommendations aimed at overcoming the legislative barriers that currently slow down the transition toward the Circular Economy and standardization measures that facilitate the market entry of materials and products obtained from the correct WEEE treatment.