InnoWEEE - Traceability and collection
system and geo-interoperability of WEEE data

The small WEEE collection becomes smart

Project duration: 2018 – 2021

The InnoWEEE Project aims to identify innovative systems for the traceability and the increase of the small WEEE collection in urban areas and to develop methods for extending the products life, based on the principles of the Circular Economy and thanks to the use of big data. The Project is divided into three different pilot actions: two in Italy - in the schools and the squares of Trento and in the shopping centers and the streets of Cava dei Tirreni - and one in England - in the Bathnes area.

Our role is to contribute to the definition of the collection events and to coordinate the logistics operationally. We also take care of selecting and coordinating the WEEE treatment operators where the evaluation activities for the preparation for reuse will take place. Thanks to our experience in the sector, we finally collaborate in the evaluation of the environmental impacts of the pilot actions tested during the Project, in terms of avoided CO2 emissions, recovered materials and energy saving.