RM@SCHOOL - Raw materials Ambassador at School

Promoting the knowledge of the Raw Materials and the related jobs among the young students

Project duration: 2018 – 2021

RM@Schools goes in the schools with innovative learning systems and awakens the young people interest in scientific subjects and careers. The Project aim is to involve students aged 10 to 19 years in a learning program that transmit them the knowledge on science and technology subjects of the Raw Materials, making them protagonists of practical activities and investing them with the role of the Raw materials Ambassadors through a peer education mechanism.
The Project has seen the creation of a Consortium of 19 Partners from 12 European Countries and some local networks, within each Country, including research Institutes, high schools and enterprises.

Out task is to bring the WEEE world into the schools accompanying the students out of the classrooms to visit the waste treatment plants and see closely what happens to the Raw Materials at the end of their first life cycle.