COLLECTORS – Waste Collection Systems
Assessed and Good Practices identified

The Good Practices for the waste collection

Project duration: 2017 – 2020

The COLLECTORS Project analyses the Good Practices for the collection and the separation of three different waste categories: paper and packaging, construction and demolition waste, WEEE. Its goal is to encourage the adoption of increasingly efficient collection systems, while supporting the decision-makers in identifying the most suitable strategies to meet their needs.

The Project, which will end in June 2020, foresees a first phase in which we find an on-line inventory of the Good Practices already adopted in Europe by the most virtuous collection actors dealing with the management of the three waste categories mentioned above. We, then, have a second phase in which it is planned a thorough assessment in terms of cost/benefits at an economic, social and environmental level of twelve case studies. Finally, the third and final phase is dedicated to the drafting of guidelines for the policy makers with personalized tools and instructions in order to facilitate the work of selection and improvement of the collection facilities, based on the territorial peculiarities.

Our role within the Project is to research and balance all the needed information in order to find out the best WEEE collection solutions adopted by the different collection actors in Italy and in Europe.