SCRREEN - Solutions for Critical
Raw Materials – a European Experts Network

The European Network of Critical Raw Materials experts

Project duration: 2016 – 2019

With the creation of a European Network of experts chosen among all the players in the Critical Raw Materials supply chain, the SCRREEN Project identifies and promotes solutions for their best management. The aim is to create a permanent forum of experts able to develop an effective strategy for the responsible use of these precious resources.
Coming from the world of the industry, the civil society and the politics, the identified experts evaluate the environmental, political, social, technological and commercial aspects linked to the use of critical materials and propose solutions for their better management in the future.

Our role is to contribute to the study of the so-called urban mines: the WEEE.

We are working in collaboration with other Project Partners in the analysis of the critical raw materials quantities present in the electronic waste and that will be able to have a new life after the treatment activities. We are also dealing with the evaluation of possible improvements for the CRM recovery in the EEE eco-design and in the WEEE treatment standards.