The household WEE
economic results

In order to a full transparency, our Consortium Members Producers have decided to use the WEEE recycling fees to finance the Household WEEE management so as to allow all the Consumers to know the real costs related to the WEEE proper management.

The WEEE recycling fees are used exclusively to finance the Ecodom activities: they do not generate any profit, neither for the Producers nor for the Retailers. They are set by the Consortium Members Assembly and applied in the same way to all the Consortium Members who put on the market mainly Household EEE.

The Revenues from the WEEE recycling fees (whose values have been reduced starting from February 2018), amounted to Euro 16,535,286, a decrease of 26% compared to 2017.

The following table shows the WEEE recycling fees 2018, which each Consortium Member paid Ecodom for each equipment placed on the market (in Euro/item - excluding VAT).

Type of equipment

WEEE recycling fees
Refrigerators and Freezers 6.20 €
Air Conditionings 4.50 €
Washing machines 2.10 €
Ovens and Cookers 1.30 €
Stoves 0.40 €
Microwaves 0.60 €
Hoods 0.40 €
Boilers and Water Heaters with heat pump 4.50 €
Gas Boilers 0.80 €
Electric Boilers and Water Heaters   
Up to 30 liters 0.40 €
Over 30 liters 0.80 €
Instant gas Water Heaters 0.80 €
Various equipment for weight range  
≤ 1 kg 0.02 €
> 1 kg and ≤ 3 kg 0.06 €
> 3 kg and ≤ 10 kg 0.20 €
> 10 kg and ≤ 50 kg 0.80 €
> 50 kg 2.00 €
TV and monitors  
Up to 24 inches 1.00 €
Up to 32 inches 2.00 €
Up to 42 inches 3.00 €
Up to 42 inches 4.00 €
Lamps 0.80 €


A second revenue line is represented by the enhancement of the Secondary Raw Materials, for which, also in 2018, we confirmed an indexing mechanism in the contracts with the Household WEEE treatment suppliers, which provides for a price variability paid by the Consortium based on the Secondary Raw Materials market value. In fact, the Consortium pays the suppliers an increasing amount as the value of the Secondary Raw Materials decreases and vice versa; this mechanism allows the suppliers to achieve a fairly constant total revenue over time and to maintain a high standard quality even in the event of unfavourable market conditions.

In 2018, the revenues from the Secondary Raw Materials amounted to Euro 13,709,540, a slight increase (+3.6%) compared to those recorded in 2017.

The operating costs (logistics, treatment and collection costs) amounted to Euro 24,491,594, with a very slight decrease (-0.58%) compared to those recorded in 2017. The costs for the personnel (salaries, social security contributions, severance pay, etc.) amounted to Euro 1,789,383, an increase compared to the costs of 2017 consistent with the inclusion of new resources carried out in 2018.