IN 2018


The constant improvement of the operating processes and the the Corporate Waste management services offered to the market (which generate a positive economic margin) allow us to reduce the burden on our Consortium Members, improving thus their economic performance and mitigating the impact on the consumers. At the same time, the correct waste treatment, the provision of efficient services and the optimization of the management costs represents an important advantage for the communities in which the Consortium operates (citizens, suppliers and Local Authorities). The very awareness of the economic responsibility towards the entire waste management chain (WEEE, waste from portable Batteries and Corporate Waste) and the importance of the task performed for the benefit of the entire Country leads us to provide a service capable of absorbing the repercussions deriving from the economic instability in the raw materials markets, the necessary regulatory adjustments or even the increase in the services cost.

We work by combining the economic efficiency with the environmental mission and the community well-being.

The profit and loss account of our Consortium is classified by highlighting three important components:

  • the economic value generated directly by our Consortium: revenues, financial income and extraordinary income (charges);
  • the economic value retained by our Consortium: profits / losses for the financial year, amortization and provisions for risks;
  • the economic value distributed to the stakeholders.

This last component is related to the stakeholders who fall within the Consortium reference area and that, directly or indirectly, contribute to the value creation; it is planned by dividing the costs into:

  • operational costs, mainly relating to logistics, treatment and collection costs;
  • costs structure and other business lines costs (other operating costs);
  • staff costs;
  • costs toward the providers of capital and the Public Administration;
  • costs related to the Communication activities.

ECODOM 2018 Economic value:

Economic value generated: Euro 37,962,142 
Economic value distributed: Euro 35,552,419
Economic value retained: Euro 2,409,723