In 2018, 53,263 transport operations were carried out, of which 46,676 transports of Household WEEE, 24 of waste from portable Batteries and Accumulators and 6,563 of Corporate Waste.

The punctuality level in collecting the Household WEEE from the Collection Facilities was 99.84%.

Our commitment to the environmental aspects is also proved through a control and incentive action towards the logistics operators. In 2018, as for the Household WEEE, we continued to maintain the economic incentives in our logistics contracts for the operators using most modern vehicles with reduced polluting emissions. Furthermore, our monitoring system allows to check which vehicle is actually used for each journey: based on the Category and the vehicle category used, a percentage adjustment of the tariff is applied, which reaches up to + 5% for the Euro 6.

In 2018, 74.5% of the kilometres travelled for the Household WEEE transport were carried out by vehicles belonging to the Euro 4 or higher category, with a slight improvement compared to 2017 (+ 2.2%).