Waste quantities managed

In 2018, we managed a total of 126,032 tons of waste:

105,824 tons of Household WEEE,
8 tons of waste from portable Batteries and Accumulators and
20,200 tons of Corporate Waste (of which 4,808 tons of Corporate WEEE).

We managed a total of 105,824 tons of Household WEEE from the R1, R2, R3, R4 and R5 Categories.

In particular:

  • 36,704 tons from the R1 Category (-6.7% compared to 2017);
  • 65,300 tons from the R2 Category (+0.7% compared to 2017);
  • 2,627 tons from the R3 Category (with an increase of over 5,000%, because, at the beginning of 2018, a Producer with a significant market share in R3 joined our Consortium);
  • 1,189 tons from the R4 Category (+39.6%);
  • 3 tons from the R5 Category (+50%).

Also in 2018, our Consortium confirms its leadership in Italy among the 14 national Compliance Schemes both for the quantity of Household WEEE managed - with a share equal to 34.1% of the WEEE managed by the “formal” Italian System - and for the management share in the R1 (43.6%) and R2 (64.2%) Categories.

The Corporate Waste managed has been a total of 20,200 tons.

In particular:

Types of waste

Quantities (t)
Batteries 6,381 
Packaging 5,667 
Metals 1,076 
WEEE 4,808
End-of-life vehicles 84
Components 743
Other waste 1,441