Our Organization

At Ecodom, the enhancement of the personnel is a key priority. Since our establishment, we have been committed to guaranteeing our employees the stability, through adequate contracts, and the possibility of balancing the work time and the private life, offering a part-time job where required. The job quality of our employees allows us to offer to the Consortium Producers a service that is always competent, efficient and result-oriented.

Our employees are treated equally for the same duties and workload, regardless of gender, age and any other elements of diversity.

Our team is dynamic and young, with an average age of 37 years consisting of 28 employees (18 women and 10 men).

Although the work activity is mainly carried out in the office, the health and safety of employees is a relevant aspect for our Consortium.

In 2018, there were no accidents, nor any employee illnesses caused by the work activity have been detected.+

Our organization is also characterized by the stability, a positive element that, at the same time, could also imply poor possibilities for the career advancement. This limit is offset by the continuous investment in training and the professional growth of the personnel, considered our most important intangible asset.


The secret of our success lies in being able to count on constantly updated and competent people, inserted in a positive and collaborative working environment, aimed at stimulating the continuous learning and the active participation of all the employees.

Finally, in order to plan, implement and carry out training and revision activities of consistent professional results, our Consortium prepares, together with the employees, an annual training and performance plan.

Furthermore, every year on the occasion of the Sustainability Report drafting, we entrust a third body - the Ecosistemi Foundation – to carry out an internal climate survey.

In order to protect the freedom of expression as much as possible, also in 2018 the climate survey was carried out in the form of an anonymous chat, based on the same questionnaire administered in the previous years, so as to guarantee the data comparability.