The governance

Our Governance is ensured by the Consortium Members Assembly and the Board of Directors (CdA in Italian). The Consortium Members Assembly, to which all the Consortium Producers participate, has the task of defining the Consortium strategic action lines; the CdA, on the other hand, as an executive body, operates under the mandate of the Assembly. Both are also supported by the Technical Committee, the Board of Statutory Auditors and the Board of Arbitrators.

The CdA is elected every three years by the Assembly in the manner established in the Consortium Regulation; the current Board of Directors was established in 2017 and at 31/12/2018 is composed of seven independent and non-executive members.

Since 2009, the Board of Directors has adopted the Organization, Management and Control Model, in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01, together with the Code of Ethics and Conduct. The latter defines the values and the rules of conduct to which all those who work on behalf of our Consortium must adhere.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct also establishes the rules aimed at avoiding and managing the conflict of interest and ensuring a responsible business conduct.

Simultaneously with the approval of the Model and the Code, the Supervisory Body was appointed, responsible for monitoring the correct implementation of the organizational Model and intervening in case of irregularity reports from internal and/or external stakeholders of the Consortium.