The transparency

Since our first year of operation - 2008 - we have decided to report all our activities and results in a transparent and objective manner, documenting the origin of all information and trying to tell everything about ourselves.

In an often “non-crystalline” context as that of the waste management, we wanted to be transparent; we believe that, in order to support the real and the significant experiences of the Circular Economy, a documented, serious, non-self-referential and extra-financial report is necessary.


For these reasons, since 2008, we have published annually our Sustainability Report, drawn up with the support of the Ecosistemi Foundation, in accordance with the GRI - Global Reporting Initiative - Guidelines and reviewed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

An important assumption of responsibility, which arises from the need to communicate to the stakeholders the choices made, the initiatives concluded and the projects in progress, in a systematic, clear and transparent way.

The scientific accuracy of our Sustainability Report in describing all the environmental, social and economic impacts allows a sustainability reporting equivalent to the measurability criteria adopted at international level and comparable with the most virtuous organizations of this sector. 

In particular, the methodology used for calculating the environmental benefits has been taken as a model by the WEEE Forum for the creation of a tool for reporting the environmental impacts in a uniform manner among the Collective Systems operating in different European countries. In this way, the full data comparability is guaranteed.


The WEEE Forum is a non-profit association, founded in 2002, whose main objective is the exchange of experiences and the sharing of know-how in the field of Electrical and Electronic Waste. 
Currently, there are 40 WEEE management Collective Systems.
ECODOM joined the WEEE Forum in 2005 and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2012.