The Economic Efficiency

However, a WEEE management carried out in a correct way environmentally speaking is not self-sufficient from an economic point of view: the sum of costs incurred - efficiency bonuses paid to the subjects who carry out the collection, the logistics costs, the treatment, the general and the system costs - is higher than the revenues deriving from the Secondary Raw Materials from WEEE.

Since the difference between the costs and the revenues is covered by the participating EEE Producers through the “WEEE Eco-contributions” (and therefore by the Consumers who purchase the new EEE), it is fundamental for us to continuously improve the economic efficiency, through a rigorous control of each cost item and the constant processes efficiency.

As regards the economic and financial management, in addition to the Board of Directors and the Assembly of the Consortium Members, we have got the supervision of the Board of Statutory Auditors and an independent external auditing company.