The Corporate Waste

We have decided to put the experience and the quality gained over a decade of WEEE management at the service of the Companies that produce waste.

Thanks to our know-how, we are able to manage waste of all sizes, in a wide range of CER Codes, availing ourselves of qualified suppliers, which guarantee an adequate transport and treatment in the full compliance with the regulations.

Since our service is aimed at guaranteeing high economic efficiency and full compliance with the law, even in this case, all the suppliers who work with us are required to:

  • observe the law and the work collective agreement provisions and in particular the standards relating to the social security, tax and insurance treatment of the personnel, as well as all the provisions on the accident prevention, health, safety at work and the environmental protection by providing, on our request, all the documentation in this regard.
  • observe the law and the work collective agreement provisions adopted by our Consortium, activating all the internal procedures suitable for averting and avoiding the risk of commission of the crimes contemplated by the same decree and promptly communicating the start of any criminal investigations and/or proceedings.