The Household WEEE and the Waste from Portable Batteries

We ask our suppliers to adhere to very high quality and environmental standards: in fact, during the selection phase, all the suppliers must prove to be accredited by the WEEE Coordination Center, in accordance with the provisions of the Program Agreement on the treatment quality signed with the Recyclers Associations.

We are not limited, however, only to the formal control of the supply chain. We also carry out a performance monitoring through the service execution, both in terms of efficiency (for example, the punctuality of the collection at the Collection Facilities), and in terms of environmental protection, through the audits supervision performed by the Auditors accredited by the WEEE Coordination Center.
In particular, the most compelling environmental requirements concern the suppliers relating to the WEEE of R1 Category, since an incorrect treatment can cause significant environmental damage due to the dispersion in the atmosphere of the ozone-damaging gases (CFC - HCFC - HFC).

Since we require our Suppliers high standard, we have developed some forms of protection and incentives in order to create the right conditions to be competitive on the market. Also in 2018, for example, the indexing mechanism within the treatment contracts was confirmed: when the market value of the raw materials goes up, we pay the suppliers a lower amount; when, on the other hand, this value decreases, we give our suppliers a higher amount.

The aim of this mechanism, thanks to which the treatment providers can count on fairly constant total revenues - that is, the sum of the amount we pay and the revenues deriving from the sale of the Secondary Raw Materials - is to ensure that these suppliers maintain high quality standard even in bad market condition.

An additional incentive mechanism for the logistics providers penalizes the use of polluting vehicles (Euro 0 and Euro 1), promoting the use of vehicles with lower environmental impact.

Finally, an incentive is given to the suppliers operating in the R1 Category, if they prove they can guarantee an energy coverage of their activities that comes at least for 70% from renewable sources.

For all the services relating to the Household WEEE and the waste from portable batteries our suppliers are contractually required to:


  • observe the law and the work collective agreement provisions  and, in particular, the standards relating to the social security, tax and insurance treatment of the personnel, as well as all the provisions on the accident prevention, health, safety at work and the environmental protection by providing, on our request, all the documentation in this regard;
  • observe the principles, the accuracies and the requirements of the organization and management model pursuant to legislative decree 231/ adopted by our Consortium, activating all the internal procedures suitable for averting and avoiding the risk of crimes commission contemplated by the same Decree and promptly communicating the start of any criminal investigations and/or proceedings;
  • as for the household weee, observe and comply with the requirements of the program agreement on the quality of the treatment and submit to verification of the compliance with these requirements and submit to verification of the compliance with these requirements


The experience we have gained in the audits of the WEEE treatment plants has been made available to the WEEELABEX Project (WEEE LABoratory of EXcellence), conceived by the WEEE Forum in collaboration with the main stakeholders of the WEEE chain and co-financed by the European Union.

The WEEELABEX main goal has been to define homogeneous quality standards throughout Europe for the management and treatment of the Electric and Electronic Waste. In parallel, WEEELABEX has defined a uniform audit method for the compliance with these standards, through the presence of qualified Auditors operative in all the European Countries. The WEEELABEX standard was taken as a reference both for the writing of the CENELEC standard on the treatment and for the technical specification of the WEEE Coordination Center Program Agreement on the treatment.

We are among the founding Members (and Members of the Board) of the WEEELABEX Organization, the organisation that ensures adequate Auditors training throughout Europe.