The environmental excellence

The management chains of the WEEE, the waste from portable batteries and the Corporate Waste are composed partly of subjects in common and partly of specific subjects for each type of waste.

As regards the Household WEEE and the waste from portable batteries, the supply chain is composed both of subjects who work directly on our behalf - the logistics and treatment providers – and of external subjects, such as, for example, those who place EEE, Batteries and Accumulators on the market (Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors) or those who provide the collection and the disposal of waste in special centers (Citizens, Distributors, Local Authorities, Storage Centers, Large Users).

Finally, the Corporate Waste value chain follows the same pattern adopted for the Household WEEE with little variations: we coordinate the collection of the Professional WEEE and other Corporate Waste at the storage sites of the Companies that produce the waste or at the waste operators for third party; we also coordinate its transport to the storage and to the treatment facilities for the recovery of the Secondary Raw Materials or for the proper disposal (thermal or in landfill).