Our Values


An environmentally excellence and economically efficientmanagement. This is our Mission:a perfect synergy between environmental protection and operational efficiency.

Consistent with our Mission, we try to constantly combine the excellence in the environmental protection with the efficiency in the operational management in all the process steps: logistics, treatment, recovery and disposal, in synergy with our Suppliers and all the supply chain subjects.

Working properly from an environmental point of view it is not just a task, it is a responsibility.

The correct WEEE management is our responsibility. A waste can turn into a resource if there is the willingness that this can happen, and we do have it.

At the same time, as a Collective System inserted in a multi-consortium system in which the obliged subjects - the EEE Producers - have the possibility to choose every year which Consortium to join, we must continuously improve our operational efficiency to be always competitive.

"Competing responsibly" is not an oxymoron for us, it is growing by creating sustainable value, combining the economic development objectives with a real development perspective, which does not disregard its environmental and social impacts.

The Sustainability is for us the perimeter within which to carry out every industrial action and the horizon towards which to guide each strategy.