Our Consortium: an enabler of the Circular Economy

The Goal 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – the collection of the 17 global Goals launched by the UN in 2015 - states: Ensure sustainable production and consumption patterns.

But what does this actually mean?

The sustainable consumption and production means promoting a more efficient use of resources and energy, sustainable infrastructures, as well as guaranteeing the access to the basic services, decent works that respect the environment and a better life quality for all people.

Its execution contributes to the implementation of the overall development plans, the reduction of future economic, environmental and social costs, the improvement of the economic competitiveness and the reduction of poverty.

The sustainable consumption and production aim “to do more and better with less", increasing the benefits in terms of well-being coming from the economic activities, by reducing the use of the resources, the deterioration and the pollution throughout the entire production cycle, thus improving the life quality. In order to achieve this, all the subjects must be involved: companies, consumers, policy makers, researchers, scientists, retailers, media.

A systematic and cooperative approach among the subjects involved in the supply chains is therefore necessary, from the Producer to the Consumer. It also requires the involvement of the Consumers themselves in awareness raising initiatives toward a sustainable lifestyle, offering them adequate information and involving them in new way of supply that is more environmentally friendly.

The Goal 12 targets include several significant commitments signed by Italy, to be implemented by 2030, including: achieving the sustainable management and the efficient use of natural resources and reducing substantially the waste production through the prevention, the reduction, the recycling and the reuse.

The objective is challenging: we are going to make our contribution, placing ourselves as one of the most important enablers of the Circular Economy in Italy.

We are this, first of all, for the quantity of Secondary Raw Materials that we re-enter on the market every year thanks to our Household WEEE and the Corporate Waste management activities.

We are this, for the competent and effective support we offer to Companies of all sizes and types in all the steps of disposal and treatment of their waste: a "turnkey" consulting service that can really turn the waste problem into an environmental and economic benefit.

We are this, both for the studies and research that we promote or in which we participate directly and for the many communication campaigns with which we promote among the citizens an increased awareness on the environmental and sustainability issues.