The diversification of our activities and the opening up to the market

Making use of the experience gained over the years in the Household WEEE management and the assets at our disposal - a competent and motivated team, a network of suppliers spread throughout the national territory and an information system capable of tracking every single operation - we have decided to expand our intervention area, thus starting a virtuous circle capable of generating economic efficiency and an increasingly constructive and real protection of the environment.

To our core business we, therefore, have been added first the Waste management of Batteries and Accumulators and then that of the Corporate Waste.

Whether it is a continuous consultancy or a spot intervention - as in the case of operations in the construction sites or warehouses rearrangement – we are able to offer a qualified contribution to the Companies in every phase of the special waste collection and management, always ensuring the correct treatment.

In order to a concrete transition towards the Circular Economy, we therefore provide all our customers with a true "one stop shop" service: a single contact point not only for managing the end-of-life of products placed on the market, but also for of all types of waste generated in the production plants and warehouses

A single contact point for an easier management, a better cost control, a uniform and well-coordinated service.

Our customized service includes:

  • the collection and management of the Corporate Waste in the production plants;
  • the management of the obsolete and/or damaged warehouse stockpiles;
  • the scrapping of taxes in collaboration with the Revenue Agency and the Guardia di Finanza;
  • the support in all the administrative requirements;

the environmental consulting.

A key service for us concerns the careful evaluation of all the regulatory aspects, a particularly important issue in the Corporate Waste management. The correct waste treatment, in addition to guaranteeing the environmental protection, represents a fundamental activity for the companies, both in terms of Compliance and in order to obtain the environmental certifications

We provide our customers with a complete support both for an accurate Suppliers management and at the administrative level, in order to ensure the full compliance with the regulation, also and especially when the interpretation of the relevant legislation requires very specific skills.

Since 2016, finally, in partnership with Universities and research Institutes at European level, we have presented projects in response to calls for proposals (Horizon2020, Life +, EIT Raw Materials, Climate KIC). The funding obtained - thirteen in just over three years - gives us the opportunity to use our know-how in defining innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions, playing a leading role in the field of the applied research in the WEEE sector.