Our core business: The Household WEEE

The Household WEEE is the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment from private households, as well as WEEE coming from commercial, industrial, institutional activities and of other kinds, similar in nature and quantity to those originating from the private households.

The Legislative Decree n. 49/2014 states that the Producers must manage the Household WEEE through the Compliance Schemes and that the expenses of each Producer are equal to their market share in each Category.

The Household WEEE is, in fact, classified into five different categories, homogeneous for type of treatment methodology:

R1. Cooling and Freezing (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners)

R2. Large household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, water heaters)

R3. Televisions and monitors

R4. Small household appliances, consumer electronics, IT, lighting equipment

R5. Lamps

The WEEE Coordination Center - the central Body that ensures homogeneous operating conditions among the Compliance Schemes - assigns annually to each Consortium the Collection Facilities (CFs) from which the WEEE collection must be carried out.

Each Consortium for each Category is such as to ensure that the WEEE amounts of each Category managed by each Consortium are proportional to the market share of that Consortium in that Category. The CFs are present in the Municipal Recycling Facilities or in the Collection Areas set up by the Distributors.

The Compliance Schemes are also responsible of the Household WEEE transport from the Collection Faciities assigned and its treatment at those specialized sites that have passed the quality audits carried out by the WEEE Coordination Center.

On 31st December 2018, our Consortium have managed 4,825 Collection Facilities, distributed all over the national territory, as regards the R1, R2, R3, R4 and R5 Categories.

In 2018, we collected the Household WEEE from the 4,825 Collection Facilities assigned to us by the WEEE Coordination Center and we handled on behalf of our Consortium Members Companies the 34.1% - by weight - of all the Household WEEE collected in Italy.

Our Consortium is therefore confirmed as the first among the 14 National Compliance Schemes both for the household WEEE managed amount – 105,824 tons in 2018 - and for the managed market share in the R1 (43.6%) and R2 (64.2%) categories.

Household WEEE Management Activities: some figures

Household WEEE managed amount 105,824 tons

Number of Collection Facilities: 4,825

Punctuality in the collection from the Collection Facilities: 99.84%

Environmental benefits deriving from the household WEEE correct management, calculated in accordance with the methodology defined by the WEEE Forum:

CO2 emissions avoided: 808,092 tons

Energy saved: 470,729 GJ